Monday, October 15, 2012


Hye There,.. wough my body shaking for a while to start a new post in 2012. so long ... but anyway, hi there and hii hehehe I also dont have any words to write it in but kambate hehe i will try hard hehe .,..woooooww I miss this .... orait2 calm down please hehe Then, what should I tell u guys whats is happening hmmm lah its just me having a work everyday and learnt much more about the admin ,ac and yes operation a little bit. Hmm its good to me to have very multi tasking work fuuhhhh..tired hmm hey lets change another work hehehehe :p Ok2 ooyah eaasy for me to picture u with this story,..recently I just having a netball games at Bukit Jalil..hehehe dont know how can I involve this,..but hey cool also maa now I know I can run and cilok very fast.hehe orait hehe thats all now yah,..wooh very the lame tau uolls hehe oKi Doki c yah then special thanks: my love <3

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